III - The Revelation

from by ODD



III - The Revelation

Shades of green, with a warm welcome glow

Pulling on a memory forgotten long ago

Where is this feeling of hope coming from?
What I wasn’t able to see, all now makes sense to me
The sight of nature so beautiful and free
Feels like a remedy for all this agony

There is a place
Where I can dream

Of a world where we are one

Where we’ll learn from what has been done
A Revelation

Showing us what we must become

A vision of the past, so innocent and pure

What did we do to get this cold and insecure?
Why would we tear down all that was before?
We were silent for too long, but now the ignorance is gone
The waves of change are slowly taking over me
And now I know the way to reach our destiny

I found a place
Where we can live

In a world where we are one

Where we’ve learned from what has been done
A Revolution

Leading us to where we belong

Everyone needs to be told
We’re on a road of madness
That we’ve been riding for too long
But now it’s time to change our ways

You hold the future in your hand
It’s your responsibility
To take a stand towards a new reality
A world of peace where we’ll be free


from The Garden, released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


ODD Boston, Massachusetts

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